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LawyerG can assist with every aspect of business law

Startup or buying a business?

Growth is having LawyerG on your side

Starting a new business and still trying to figure out all the legal aspects? Don’t do it yourself, give us a call instead. At LawyerG we can assist you with every step because whether you’re a startup or your business is growing faster than you’d originally planned for we have you covered.

Proprietor or incorporation

We’ve got your back and will help steer you in the right direction

When looking to choose the right business structure, it’s important that you weigh all of your options. LawyerG can help you determine what course of action is right for you, from a legal standpoint. His team can walk you through the legal side of things and help you determine if becoming incorporated or going a partnership route is right by outlining all aspects, from securities laws to personal liability in the event of a creditor looking to collect on any outstanding debts.

Growing faster than planned?

Required changes are inevitable, let LawyerG help you simplify the process

Figuring out how to restructure your company without causing too much disruption can be a struggle. You may want to change how your business operates in order to change business objectives, initiate new programs, enhance organizational effectiveness or possibly address any budget restrictions. Restructuring means reorganizing the operational, legal or ownership structures within a company. The reason this is often done is to either make the company more profitable or better organized to meet its updated needs. With LawyerG’s representation, we will help you with negotiations and transaction details, helping you stay focused and organized as your business grows.

No matter what the nature of your business is

We know our business, which is helping you with:

Our corporate and commercial law services include every aspect of business law. We can assist with tax planning and incorporation, to consolidation, mergers, and acquisitions. Our Calgary-based lawyers can offer advice on the best business model to meet your company’s needs.  However, if you’re just starting your company, we can draft shareholder agreements, partnership and limited partnership agreements, and register your business name.

Time to sell or merge?

LawyerG can help

For established businesses let us help you with succession planning, restructuring, employment and management contracts, or trademark registration and licensing. This is just a small look at the corporate law and commercial law services we offer. Other services we offer include, but are not limited to: negotiating, drafting and enforcing contracts, BSPA, USA; obtaining government approval and licenses incl. applications for trademarks and patents; drafting mortgage/loan securities for private lenders; drafting commercial leases; negotiating and completing the purchase/sale of business assets or shares; negotiating and settling shareholder’s agreement and business operation disputes, and registering or removing construction liens (also known as builder’s liens).