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    Are you looking to buy, sell or refinance your home? Look no further than LawyerG. Real estate law is what we’re the experts in, and we can make your purchase or home sale worry-free. We service the Calgary area, so contact us for all of your Calgary real estate law needs.

    It is imperative that you contact a real estate lawyer that understands and focuses on the Law of Property Act, knows and specializes in working with the Land Titles Office to avoid unnecessary delays. LawyerG is well experienced with completing over 2000 transactions. Calgary is home for us, and we have helped thousands of local homeowners by protecting their investments. Now it’s your turn and let us help you secure your home and assets at our Calgary law firm.

    Protecting Your Property

    Real Estate Law That Secures Your Assets

    We understand that your real estate is an investment, so let LawyerG help you protect it. Whether you’re purchasing a new home or ready to sell, we will give you the legal help you need to ensure you’re making a sound real estate decision. LawyerG is here to ensure you enjoy your new possession with peace of mind by protecting your assets.

    LawyerG is a Calgary law firm that is here to make the process of working together simple. Our office is happy to offer extended hours to make it convenient for you to come down and meet us, no matter what your schedule looks like. We’re also an affordable real estate law firm in Calgary, with an extremely convenient location on 16th Avenue in the northwest. Let us make your next real estate transaction worry-free. Contact us today!


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    Ready to buy your first or third home? Let LawyerG help you protect your investments. We’ll take care of all the due diligence while ensuring mortgage funding in a time-efficient manner to eliminate all risks of delays and litigation.
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    JUST SOLD? Not yet! There is a lot of closing paperwork involved that needs to move along promptly. It is imperative you hire LawyerG efficiency to complete it to avoid any risk of delays and litigation.


    The interest percentage rate being sold isn’t always the cheapest. Let LawyerG help you make the most sound decisions by reviewing your existing pre-payment penalty and the new cost of borrowing alongside pre-payment penalties to avoid future surprises.


    Transferring property for any reason can be complicated. Have you considered the personal tax implications? Speak to us before you consider a property transfer, and we will help make it happen easily.

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    Why Choose LawyerG?

    The LawyerG team is here to simplify the process of buying, selling and refinancing your property. We’re the expert in everything regarding property and real estate law, so let us handle and protect your assets. Our team is happy to help explain every step of the process to you and why each step will benefit you along the way.

    We want you to feel confident that you’ve chosen the right Calgary real estate lawyer. Rest easy when you choose LawyerG. We take every case seriously and are always looking for the best outcome for all of our clients!

    Our Calgary law firm is fast-growing, with locations in Edmonton, Medicine Hat, Lethbridge and Red Deer. We are happy to have our head office in Calgary, allowing us to work closely from home. LawyerG is a local Calgary law firm that is pleased to serve clients across Alberta. We are a team of Calgary professionals here to make your real estate legal transactions worry-free and easy.

    Trust in our experience and contact us today. Find out exactly how simple it is to protect and secure your property assets when you choose LawyerG. We’ll get you those new house keys in no time at all.

    We Would Like To Retain LawyerG. How Should We Proceed Further?

    • Forward your real estate lawyer’s name (GURPREET AULAKH) and his contact information to your Realtor and ask for Conveyancing documents *1 sent to LawyerG’s office;
    • Forward your real estate lawyer’s name (GURPREET AULAKH) and his contact information to your Mortgage Broker and ask for mortgage instructions *2 sent to LawyerG’s office;
    • Upon receipt of Conveyancing and Mortgage Instructions, LawyerG’s team will be sending you a detailed email for further requirements and will call for an appointment.

    Foot notes: *1 Conveyancing Documents: Includes Offer to Purchase Contract, copy of deposit, waiver, addendum or amendments if any).

    *2 Mortgage Instructions: Generally, we receive these instructions describing mortgage product details directly from your bank or lender, which enable us to draft the right mortgage for your borrowings).

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